VPScontrol - Xen Linux Server Web Manager

Homemade VPS administration software

This is our own software for remotely managing XEN virtual servers. Basically it allows the remote control of multiple Linux VPS servers from a centralized interface. Users can power ON / OFF or reboot the system anytime and immediately.

VPScontrol also helps you to install an operating system for the first time or perform a re-installation if necessary. For that purpose it offers a menu with seven of the most popular GNU/Linux distributions: Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, Trisquel, OpenSuSE and Slackware.

A default configuration consists of a swap partition and a root partition for the system but users can perform an advanced installation, create their own mount points and determine an appropriate size for them. This control panel includes support for ext3, ext4 and ReiserFS filesystems. We continuously incorporate improvements and more functionality to this powerful servers management tool included with ALL of our virtual servers.

  • Web Remote Control
  • Power ON / Power OFF / Reboot
  • Linux distributions menu
  • Automatic OS installation
  • Mount point editor
  • Partition size & filesystem
  • Support for ext3, ext4 & ReiserFS
  • Additional services
  • Extra IP address
  • Additional traffic package
  • VPS Servers Purchase
  • Bills and Payments History
  • Support Tickets
  • Bandwidth Graphics
  • Data Traffic Graphs
  • Upgrade / Downgrade Plans
  • 99.9% Guaranteed Uptime
  • FTP Backup Quote Off-server
  • RAID10 Data Protection
  • Boot / Shutdown Logs

VPScontrol Main View

Partitions Editor & Mountpoints

Linux Distributions Menu

Control Buttons. Power ON/OFF. Reboot. Stats.

Bandwidth Graphics

Data transference Graphics